Paris bound!

I’m leaving for Paris in a short 8 days! I’m going to be an aupair for two little boys.  I’m in the process of deciding what to rename my blog, heres a few name’s I’ve come up with

“American knitter in Paris/Tricoteuse american a Paris” “Knitting in the city of lights” “Tricoter a Paris/Knitting in Paris”

Seems like I should think of a few more catchy titles, any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Paris bound!

  1. The names that you came up with almost all have to do with Paris; will you be in Paris for long? If so then you can choose “Tricoter a Paris/Knitting in Paris.” But it seems like you travel to a lot of places. So maybe you can name your blog Knitting Journey Around the World. Hope this helps (:

    • I will be in Paris for about 8 and a half months, possibly longer. I am going to be a nanny 🙂
      My new ideas are “Drink Eat Knit; Travels in Korea, Seattle and Paris” or I guess ” Adventures of a traveling knitter”. I think I will make a poll for this.

  2. My favourite is American Knitter in Paris but you would have to change it again once you leave which would be a pain.
    Adventures of a Travelling Knitter is good though. Or American Knitter in Transit. Something that you won’t have to change every time you move somewhere else.
    Good luck in Paris! Hope you have a great time 🙂

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