My Inspiration for my first pattern

The first pattern I ever wrote came from a random inspiration while at a yarn shop while teaching in South Korea.  There were actually a couple yarn shops in my small town, and there were always  older ladies “ajumas” sitting and working on things.  Since knitting is an international language, they couldn’t help but welcome me, though I don’t speak Korean….

I saw this pleated skirt and thought about what the pattern was.  I looked at it closer and saw that it was just repeated triangles stacked up, knit and purl only.  Shorts seemed like a good idea to make. I looked up a boxer pattern on ravelry with the same gauge and just added in pleats, et Voilia, “Pleated Banbachi”!

Pattern writing was hard at first because I had to make so many changes to what I wanted to make.  In the end I had a finished pattern to publish. I had been knitting/crocheting for 15 years and it didn’t occur to me to write myself.  Now I am working on a sweater inspired by the one I made a few years ago from Knitty “Beatnik”.  Next posts will follow my process for my “Cherry St. Sweater” and what books/resources you can use when designing.


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