Progress update on my sweater

In my previous post I indicated that I was working on a sweater.  I was inspired by the “Beatnik Sweater” on and I looked at stitch patterns on (AMAZING site) and came up with this idea (I will upload my sketch soon).

This is where I’m at so far 18/19″ rectangle of sorts, most of the body is finished!  Now the hardest part of the sweater, mapping up the shaping of the body.  I have a great guide, “Knitwear Design Workshop” by Shirley Paton

I also have taken her course.  I’m about to embark on really learning the nuts and bolts math to figure this out and make sure it fits, and I’m ambivalent to be honest! I will get over my lazy self and get it all figured out later this week hopefully.  I’m also planning on a diamond cowl (you’ll see in my sketch) which is also going to be challenging.  What keeps me going is that it will be unique and I’m the only one who will own it, (well unless I get a job as a knitwear designer….)


2014-08-11 19.48.23


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