Rediscovering my inspiration and inner motivation

I had a great motivational talk with a lady who dropped by my regular knitting group at So Much Yarn (in Pike Place Market).  I shared with her that I am pursuing my goal to have a career in knitwear design, she told me after looking at my sweater project, that I should write a book of patterns.  She told me not to worry but just start to put things out there and of course, charge something for it.

In the same way I would like to encourage you to keep exploring your creativity even if you don’t think it will “sell” or you will make a lot of money doing it, just enjoy it.

Here is a photo of my first ever original design, circa 1997.  The story behind this one is that I saw a messenger bag pattern (probably in Stitch and Bitch) and was also inspired by my Nordic Knitting book.  I decided to make a messenger bag with intarsia detail (not knowing what intarsia was) or knowing how to purl! Crazy, I know, but I figured it out (with some unconventional maneuvering of stitches).  I lined it all by hand and used it as a school bag.  Realizing my own creativity as a child and accepting this as an important part of myself is what is driving me to get more experience to become a Fashion Knitwear Designer.  If this in anyway mirrors an experience of yours please share!!

My first original design, approximately age 11

My first original design, approximately age 11


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